Can’t Think of Anything to Write About It? Try This!

It happens to all of us: whether you have been writing for decades or even just a few months, there will be times when you cannot think of anything to write about. Times like this can be incredibly frustrating because as a creative person, you probably pride yourself on being able to come up with ideas on a regular basis. However, the only thing that can truly dredge up ideas all of the time is a computer, and despite all the recent advancements, machines are still lousy writers.

So, what can you do? Well, you can bang your head on the table or complain to the high heavens. However, we suggest something a little more productive and likely to bring about success.

Take a break

You know those nights when you cannot sleep? You lie in bed wishing you could go to sleep, but it rarely ever happens. The best thing to do is get out of bed and do something else. The same goes with writing; if the words are not flowing, do something else for a while.

Write about something else

Let us say you need to have a paper done about the French Revolution for your university history course. You have been struggling and not getting anything done. Try spending, say, an hour writing emails or doing your personal diary. That helps to take the stress off your assignment and you can then return to it having done some other kind of writing that may have got your fuse lit again.

Change your location

Sometimes we cannot maintain a level of concentration that is intense enough to write successfully. Are you finding it difficult to stay focused? The answer may be to try shifting to a new location. For example, if you are doing your writing at home and there are too many distractions, try switching to the library.

How to Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is a major factor in attaining success in both business and the everyday working world. Whether you are a high roller looking to engage partners for your latest venture or a regular working stiff interested in finding a new position, the ability to network effectively can open many doors and lead to new and exciting possibilities.

Not everyone has an innate ability to network. Some of us are better on paper than in person, while others are introverted and soft-spoken, finding it uncomfortable and alien to be aggressive in starting conversations. If you fall under either of those categories, the following tips can help you improve your ability to network:

Comfortable Areas

When starting out, choose areas where you already feel comfortable and at home. For example, the gym, or clubs and organizations where you are a member. Talk to people there that you already know and then gradually expand your reach, based on the tips you get.

Baby Steps

Whether it involves going to a get together with a lot of people or attending an actual networking event, don’t go overboard at first. Do what you feel comfortable doing. As you get more experienced and have successful encounters, your confidence will increase.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you are ready, start putting yourself out there. For example, instead of spending time with just one person at a networking event, push yourself to go out on your own and strike up conversations. If this is awkward at first, don’t worry, it will eventually seem more natural and effective for you.

Remember Names

People really appreciate when you remember their names and details of past conversations. It proves that you were interested and engaged; that will make them more likely to remember your details and pass along any leads they come across.


Three Tips for Business Success

Attaining business success can mean trying out a lot of different strategies and discovering what works. Some of these can be quite specific to that industry, while others have general application across a number of different organizations.

Here are three success tips that will apply to most any business venture:

Capitalize on Your Strengths

Chances are it was a particular set of skills that set your down your current path. You saw an opportunity, realized that you had the ability to capitalize on it, and surrounded yourself with people who could help you achieve you goal. However, in the thick of things, it can be easy to forget that considerable resource. Unsure of how to proceed in a certain area? Talk to your team and solicit their advice. The best solutions are often crafted from multiple contributions.

Craft a Plan, but Be Ready to Improvise

No successful business venture ever arose from a plan that was completely inflexible. No one has a crystal ball that allows them to fully predict how the market or relationships with other businesses might change without warning. Come up with a master strategy, but supplement it with a contingency plan. Putting all of your eggs in one basket may seem feasible and cost-effective, but it’s very risky and displays a lack of forward-thinking that can trip you up down the line.

Don’t Forget the Big Picture

We always have a master goal when entering into a business venture and keeping it in mind throughout the development stages is important to ensure efficiency and overall success (e.g. how will each phase of development lead to the desired result?). Remembering your overall goal can also help during times when things are not going to plan. The problems and potential strife still have to be dealt with, but the pain you encounter during the process will be tempered, if you keep that final result in mind.

How to Be Motivated on the Job

One thing that every employer looks for in a worker is motivation. Employees who are motivated show up every day ready to work and looking to do the best job possible. A good supervisor will also be able to encourage his or her workers, providing the sort of coaching that will give them the spirit and energy to perform to the best of his abilities.

Gaining employee motivation is an excellent skill for any manager, but for those who do not have this skill or are concerned that some staff members are not putting in their best effort, workplace productivity motivators are an alternative solution.


The latter can be tricky. Amazon received much negative publicity when an undercover investigation revealed that employees are very strictly tracked and only had so long to perform certain tasks. Their movements were tracked by computer and if they did not show a certain job had been done before the time ran out, they were docked for that failure.

I understand both stances. If I was on a system like the one Amazon uses, I would feel stressed and dispirited. There needs to be a bond of trust between a worker and his or her employer for the relationship to be fruitful.

However, with some employees looking to game the system or just unwilling/unable to meet their job requirements, workplace productivity motivators can be a way of finding out who is not putting their weight.

Fortunately, workplace productivity motivators need not be so draconian. They could take the form of a contest for the person who makes the most sales in a month, or maybe the promise of a vacation to a team if they are able to meet a certain target. This approach is much more appealing to most people as it represents a fun sort of challenge, rather than a threat to their continued employment.

Great App For Construction Businesses

buildingOur economy improves day by day because of the unstoppable growth of the businesses around the globe. In order to expand each business, it needs buildings and properties. The construction business improves as owners seek builders to expand buildings for their businesses. When choosing builders to construct your residential or commercial project, you need to check the company that caters the best service and has a positive feedback from their old clients to ensure that your asset will not go to waste. There is no room for mistakes for construction of buildings. It is not just because of the money but also for the safety of the people using the building.

To ensure no mistakes during construction, ask the one in charge if they’re using Go Bridgit’s software for construction punch list. It can monitor all the details and is easy to access through any device such as smartphone, tab and computer. When checking each part of the building that needs to be fixed, you can note on the app the things that needs to be done. You won’t miss it because it is similar to a planner or a checklist. The punch list also helps the contractor finish the structure on time. Having this advance app comes in handy to all construction businesses. It keeps them on track and helps manage the outcome and timeline.

Hiring people using this app can save you time and can start your business confidently. Worrying that your building is not ready will have a huge impact to the growth of your business as it hinders all the possibilities gaining income. That’s why it is important that every detail of the building is well constructed and functional. The best app for construction punch list can also be accessed by the owner. He/she can coordinate and give his/her ideas and other concerns that will result in a much better outcome.

Keys To A Successful Business

Many business are often started but only the best succeed in what they do.  Check out the keys to building a successful business.

successThe first and properly most important key to starting a business is getting organized and keeping detailed records.  You want to be able to access your files and data as quickly and as detailed as possible.  By staying organized right from the beginning, you are helping to decrease the workload in the future.  Always think about accuracy and efficiency when you’re performing your tasks.

The second most important key is to know your competition.  Do extensive research into your target market and who lies at the top of that market.  What services do they offer that you don’t?  What can you improve on to get yourself higher than they are?  Always be analyzing your competition in order to gain ground on the market.

The third key is a successful business knows when to take risks.  A calculated risk can be a huge advantage to growing your business.  You’ve got to look at both sides – the positive and negative sides to the risk.  If the benefits are worth it and you’ve done enough research to understand the timing of these risks, then maybe it is worth taking that shot to get to the top.

The fourth key to success is to be creative and think outside the box.  One of Apple’s greatest features is that they strive to be different.  Look for ways you can stand out from your competition, but don’t sacrifice standards for creativity.  Make sure your service or product is reliable, of high quality, and creative.  That’s what makes a business stand out from the crowd.

The last key to success is probably the most obvious – don’t give up.  Every single business in the world has its ups and downs.  It’s the way you handle them that will determine whether your business grows or fails.  You’ll always have to make certain sacrifices in order to make your business grow, so you really have to ask yourself what’s important to you in life.  Often, life gets in the way of creating a successful business.  It’s up to you to decide whether you will continue to work hard or give up.  One thing that’s for sure – successful businesses never give up.