Love of music is universal. Have you ever run across anyone who does not love at least one form of music? Probably not. In fact, it can be a truly huge part of a person’s life. You no doubt have many songs that you enjoy on a regular basis, but have you ever wondered just why music makes you feel so good?

Mood and Productivity Enhancer

During low periods, have you ever found yourself instinctively putting on some music that you love? Listening to energetic, upbeat music can help to improve mood. It can also make you more productive during times when you are not feeling sufficiently focused. You can also help to diffuse periods of stress with the right choice of tunes.

Learning Enhancer

In addition to helping you do things you already know, music can also assist people in picking up some new skills. While loud, fast music can help people get things done faster, slower and lower is the accompaniment to choose when learning new things. In fact, even ambient noise works in this regard. Some crave total silence when working, but this may not actually provide the best results.

Motor and Reasoning Skills Improve When Learning an Instrument

Listening to music is great, but making your own may be even better. Scientists have revealed that children who learn to play a musical instrument at a young age do better in school than those who don’t play anything. They also demonstrated an above average vocabulary, plus better reasoning skills and superior visual attention.

Better Exercise Results

If you listen to music while exercising, you are less likely to heed your brain’s signals that it’s time to take a rest. Also, energetic music with a good beat is more likely to motivate a similar level of response from participants.