It is not unusual for a person to be bored at some point in the day, but that does not make it any more fun. Boredom is a real drag and if you have a lot on your plate, it can also be a real waste of time. Do you feel guilty because you feel unmotivated and are not getting anything done? Here are some things you can do about that:

Give your friends and family a call

Does your mother always complain that you that you never phone her? If you are not doing anything anyway, why not get on the phone? She will appreciate hearing from you. These conversations with her and others may even lead to something else that will keep you occupied for the time being.

Get some of those mundane chores done

Dirty dishes in the sink? Dirty clothes in the hamper? Junk lying all over the living room? It may not be fun, but here is a chance to get these tasks done and out of the way. That way, when you are feeling more motivated, you can put that energy toward something more much interesting.

Scratch one of your creative itches

Do you have a hobby? Time spent on hobbies is never time wasted. Do you paint? Draw? Have some other artistic hobby? Pull out that paint set, sketch pad, or easel and get cracking.

Plan ahead for the next time you are bored

There will likely come another day when you are feeling bored and unmotivated. If you have a list of things you could be doing already done and right in front of you, you will not have to waste any time wondering about what you could be doing right at this moment. Take a few minutes and draw one up right now.