How to Enjoy Driving

I really admire people who enjoy driving. They live for the open road and happily spend much time and money on their cars to ensure the best experience behind the wheel.

The rest of us consider our cars to be a costly piece of equipment that transports us from one place to another. Alas, the abilities of the people piloting those vehicles vary widely and when everyone decides to come out on to the road at the same time, well, let’s just say that my frustration factor increases dramatically.

I do want to feel better about driving, however, and have been advised that the following can help in that goal:

Taking the Scenic Route

I’m constantly stuck in a commuting grind where I have to see the same ugly highways and grey industrial areas day after day. The next time I get out of the city for a trip, I will make a point of taking the scenic route. Looking at nice fall forests and scenic farmland will no doubt help me to relax and provide some nice visual stimulation.

Taking My Time

Everything in life is rush, rush, rush these days. In my off time, I plan to schedule enough wiggle room that this aspect of driving can be more leisurely. I won’t have to speed or pass people just to get where I’m going on time. Taking my time will be a nice change from the norm.

Taking Another Look at My Car

Up until now, my car has been that thing I mentioned above: a means to an end. If I take the time to better maintain it, keep the interior clean, and regard as something more than just a tool, I will no doubt enjoy spending time behind the wheel. That will help to reduce any negative connotations that have arisen for me regarding driving.